Cashmere 100%

Made in Japan

Ultra-fine, lightweight, and warm.
Made from pure cashmere jersey.

LOVE: The most basic and standard coloring

A 100% ORIGINAL highest quality stall made from rare Arashan cashmere called "cashmere in cashmere".

Using one of the few vintage knitting machines remaining in the long-established workshop, this stall, carefully knitted by only one craftsman while slowly containing air, is characterized by a light, warm, soft feel.

Without adding force by taking advantage of the characteristics of delicate and high-quality cashmere yarns, the free-form stoles naturally knitted change the expression in various ways depending on how they are wound.

Loved by all throughout the year, borderless,
The highest quality stalls for everyday life.

Width: Approximately 44-55 cm
Length: Approximately 210-220 cm

GRISAL stoles are slowly and carefully knitted one by one in order to maximize the characteristics of the material. Knitted using a vintage machine. As a result, there are subtle differences in size, and each item has a different look. Please enjoy it as a feature of the product.

Hand washing at a liquid temperature of 30 ° C or less is recommended
Uses neutral detergent (those containing hair and silk in the usage column)
Avoid using bleach and detergents containing bleach.
After washing, shape it immediately and lay it flat in the shade.
Use a cloth for ironing.
Due to the characteristics of the material, pilling and fluffing may occur.
If you have pills, do not try to pull them off, but lightly brush them in one direction.
When the season of use is over, wash it before storing it.
This product uses very delicate materials. Please be careful not to apply excessive force.
When wearing, be careful not to get caught or pulled by friction with accessories, bags, or surrounding objects.

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