BILLIE / Black


Style : Double V-neck long sleeve

Quality: 100% cashmere

Size: 01

The horizontal V line, which is not too deep, allows you to see the collar sharply. The loosely lowered back neckline is also a rounded V-line, which makes it neat even when viewed from behind.

Size Spec (approximate)
Length 62.5cm / Body 30cm / Sleeve length 65cm / Sleeve 29cm /
Front down 11.5cm / Back down 7.6cm

Hand washing at liquid temperatures below 30°C is recommended.
Use of neutral detergents (including hair and silk in the application column)
Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach.
After washing, please shape immediately and dry in the shade.
Ironing is made of a cloth.
Depending on the characteristics of the material, hairballs and fluff may occur.
When the hairball is made, do not try to pull it and take it, please brush it lightly in a certain direction.
When the wearing season is over, please wash it before storing it.
This product uses very delicate materials. Please be careful not to add extreme force.

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